KeraCore - the future of heat sinks

More than 80% of high and intermediate power LEDs and a large percentage of PCBs utilise heat sinks to dissipate surplus heat. Traditionally, aluminium heat sinks laminated with insulators incorporating printed circuits have been used.

KeraCore™ is a new concept from KeraNor that eliminates the need for multiple component heat sinks, and can be used both as heat sink and PCB.

KeraCore™ heat sinks are more thermally, mechanically, electrically and chemically stable than aluminium. LEDs exhibit a higher luminosity of up to 20% using ceramic instead of aluminium heat sinks. In addition KeraCore™ provides real, life-time value: not only are ceramic heat sinks more efficient and durable than aluminium, but they are also cheaper to manufacture.

KeraCoreTM is available in a range of thicknesses from 0.75-5.0 mm; we also offer alternative thicknesses and shapes to suit specific customer requirements. Our products are coded and vary by type, material and thickness as follows:

Spec Sheet Product Code

The following KeraCore™ products are available:
HS/DA/1, HS/DA/2, HS/DA/3, HS/PA/1, HS/PA/2, HS/PA/3, HS11/DA/1, HS11/DA/2, HS11/DA/3, HS11/PA/1, HS11/PA/2, HS11/PA/3, HS/DA/µ.
The total list can be opened by clicking here, or on the pdf-file below.

The pictures below show a range of fluted and unfluted heat sinks and PCBs; plus a printed electrical connection