KeraNor manufactures two types of supported, ceramic, flat filters. Both types of filter can be provided as either oil- (hydrophobic) or water- (hydrophilic) wet. Standard dimensions are discs of 25.4 mm (1.0") and 38.1 mm (1.5"). KeraNor can also provide scaled-up filters for industrial applications.

The first type of filter encompasses a broad range of specifications though its standard use is in laboratories. These filters comprise an alumina support with membranes of alumina, titania or zirconia. Pore sizes can be customer specified between 4 nm and 1 μm, with standard plate thicknesses of 3 mm or 5 mm. Other dimensions (including non disc-shaped) and thicknesses are available on request.

The second type of filter, the KeraFlux filter, is primarily used within core analysis in the oil and gas industry. KeraFlux filters deliver negligible plate resistivity and displacement volume, high flux throughputs, and high mechanical strength. The standard pore size of this product is 40 nm and the standard plate thickness is 5 mm.

KeraNor filters have been produced for:
- High temperature (WFI) applications
- Sterile filtration
- Cryogenic (-273°C) applications
- Membrane emulsification
- Mineral slurry separation
- Laboratory, dead-end filters
- Industrial, cross-flow filters

The picture below shows a set of laboratory (disc) filters.