Ceramic thick tapes

Ceramic tapes are traditionally produced by tape casting, however this process limits the thickness of the tapes. Thick tapes must then be produced by stacking - or laminating - multiple thin tape casted sheets, which creates intrinsic defects leading to deleterious effects in the final device. KeraNor has developed a specialised production process which allows the fabrication of thick tapes without lamination, removing the intrinsic defects.

KeraNor's thick, "green" (i.e. unsintered) tapes have beneficial flexibility, allowing the tape structure to be created by different processes such as embossing, deep drawing, drilling, punching and stamping. Therefore, KeraNor tapes can be used to produce complex structures and devices in electronic, sensor, and lab-on-a-chip components.

KeraNor thick tapes can be produced using silica, zirconia, alumina, or LTCC material. Thickness can be specified between 0.75 mm and 5 mm (other thicknesses on request).

The pictures below show different examples of produced and processed thick green tapes. From the left: 1) a deep drawn silica tape, 2) a stack of LTCC sheets, 3) a structured alumina tape, 4) Silica tapes punched with an array of 1 mm holes, 5) a punched zirconia tape.