KeraNor facilities

KeraNor has on-site production facilities for standard and bespoke production. The facilities comprise a climate-controlled room for materials processing, equipment for both small and large scale production, and a suite of furnaces to handle the different sintering needs of various materials for specialised applications. Screen print facilities are also available on-site.

KeraNor participates actively in industrial, national and international research projects and programmes, meaning that a research and development facility on-site is essential. The R&D facilities include a laboratory containing a climate-controlled room for the deposition of membranes, an area for specialist spray-coated membranes, equipment for the preparation of materials for functionalisation or membrane coating of ceramic materials, and equipment for the characterisation of filters and membranes including flux and bubble point (BP) measurements.

The pictures below show selected examples of our equipment. From left flux and bubble point (BP) analyser for filters and membranes, centre left high-temperature furnaces, centre right particle size analyser, and right screen printer.